Pierre Gagnaire was born on April 9, 1950, in Apinac, Loire, France. Growing up in the kitchen of his parents’ Michelin-star restaurant, Clos Fleuri, Gagnaire admits, “I got into this profession because I was the eldest in the family, so I had no choice and I started working very young.” Like many young French chefs, Gagnaire began apprenticing in Lyon in the 1960s. But it was while working with the legendary chef Alain Senderens in Paris that he realized that cooking could also be a means of creative expression. Throughout the following years, he began to develop his own unique style and explore cooking as a means of artistic expression. After traveling and working around the world, he returned to his father’s Saint-Étienne restaurant in 1975. By 1981, he was ready to set out on his own and established his first restaurant, which went on to earn two Michelin stars. In 1992, Gagnaire launched a new restaurant called Art Deco, where he became known for his signature dishes that were inspired by contemporary artists of the time. He’s since gone on to open restaurants all over the world, including venues in London, Paris, Tokyo, and Los Vegas. Among his most famous is the eponymous Pierre Gagnaire restaurant, which has been located in Paris’ luxurious Hotel Balzac for the past 15 years. The restaurant currently enjoys a three-star Michelin rating and offers evening dining experiences that cost as much as €310 ($340). The restaurant specializes in modern French cuisine that incorporates Gagnaire’s trademark innovation and artistry. In 2015, La Chef named Gaingaire as the best chef in the world. Throughout the culinary world, he’s become known as a leader in the fusion cuisine movement and for his ever-evolving approach to gastronomy as a form of art. As Gagnaire himself once put it, “I developed a passion for it when I understood that I could create emotions within people with my cuisine. That is the key.” Today, chefs all over the world aspire to attain Gagnaire’s legendary talent. Those seeking advice from the chef himself may find hints to his methods in the cast iron cookware that he designed in partnership with Tefal. Gagnaire has also authored a number of cookbooks, such as 175 Home Recipes with a Twist, The Five Seasons Kitchen, and Reflections on Culinary Artistry. Throughout his career, Gagnaire has earned a total of 12 Michelin stars and earned a reputation as one of the world’s leading talents in culinary innovation. While his net worth is currently unknown, it’s generally assumed to be well into the millions. To learn more about the chef, visit his website, which is largely composed in his signature poetic style. You can also follow Pierre Gagnaire on Instagram @pierregagnaire or on Twitter at @pierregagnaire. While his posts are naturally composed in French, fans from all over the world can still great a great inside look at the chef’s everyday life. Then, of course, there’s always Google translate for the particularly enthusiastic!

Age: 73
Cuisine: Modern French, Classic French
Site: http://pierre-gagnaire.com/

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EXPERIENCED : Pierre Gagnaire

EXPERIENCED : Pierre Gagnaire

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Creativity Unleashed: Chef Pierre Gagnaire

Creativity Unleashed: Chef Pierre Gagnaire

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Interview with Chef Pierre Gagnaire at Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire, Paris

Interview with Chef Pierre Gagnaire at Restaurant Pierre ...

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