Jun 13, 2023

Did you know that pudding is one of the oldest dishes we have today? It dates back to the 17th century. Since then, many pudding recipes have continued to grace our tables. Because of how savory the meal is, it's common to make a large batch and be left with extra. Can you freeze the pudding to eat it at a later date?

You can freeze the pudding and later defrost it. It will still taste good. Nonetheless, the texture, appearance, and consistency are likely to change after you thaw it. The good news is that if you store it well and consume it within a reasonable timeline, those changes won't affect the pudding as much.

Most types of pudding, including rice pudding, yogurt pudding, tapioca pudding, and bread pudding, freeze well. Other types of pudding, like cookies, don't do well as they become soggy once frozen.

In this guide, we will go into detail on how to freeze pudding, how long it will last, and which types of pudding don't freeze well. Let's dive in.

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Is It Okay to Freeze Pudding?

chia pudding in a glass jar

As we've said, you can freeze your pudding, but you might want to slow your horses before doing so. Some pudding ingredients freeze well, while others don't.

For instance, bread pudding, which I call a comfort dessert, freezes well. If you're into healthy options such as yogurt pudding, you'll also be happy to know it freezes well.

And for our friends with a sweet tooth, you're in luck, as caramel pudding does well in the freezer. These are just a few of the ingredients that will still taste as good even after freezing.

On the flip side, we have certain puddings that you shouldn't freeze. If you use crispy ingredients like cookies and biscuits, freezing isn't a good idea. When frozen, these ingredients absorb moisture and become soggy.

Considering that we add biscuits and cookies for the crunchy effect, when the pudding loses that element, it becomes unappealing. The pudding may still be edible, but it won't be as amazing as when it was fresh.

Things to Remember When Freezing Pudding

frozen bannana puddin' pie

As we mentioned before, the consistency or texture of pudding changes once frozen. The good thing is that some will almost look like ice cream, so considering nearly all of us love ice cream, that isn't such a bad texture in your mouth.

You can freeze your pudding for a few hours and then enjoy it like ice cream. Most homemade and store-bought puddings will behave like this.

With that said, we don't suggest keeping the pudding in the freezer for an extended time. It's not that the pudding will go bad. In fact, you won't experience any health issues. However, the taste is likely to change.

Most of us love pudding as It's one of those little pleasures after a meal. So, if freezing for a long time changes the taste, why would we still want to eat it?

In addition, we don't recommend freezing pudding with toppings like fruits and cookies. You can always add them once you thaw the pudding.

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What Is the Best Way to Freeze Pudding?

puddings fruits varieties in a glass jars

Freezing pudding isn't that complicated. Even your teenager can help you do this at home. Let's see the best ways to store the most common types of pudding.

How to freeze Banana Pudding

bannana pudding in glass container with Nilla wafers

Banana pudding is one of the easiest to make and my all-time favorite. So, what is the best way to freeze this comfort food? A banana is a delicate food that will absorb other flavors and aromas of other dishes in the freezer.

Aside from that, the pudding has many ingredients that don't freeze well, such as vanilla pudding and cookies. That makes freezing a bad idea. But if you choose to, store it in an airtight container to prevent oxidation.

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Still, it isn't a good idea to store banana pudding in the freezer for a long time. When bananas are exposed to air, they become oxidized. This will make them lose their original color, turning into an unappealing brown shade.

As much as the taste won't change, looks matter in food. And when something doesn't look appetizing, you won't want to eat it.

If you want to make a large batch and remain with leftovers, dip the banana slices in fresh lemon juice. The citric acid will prevent oxidation, allowing the pudding to maintain its natural color.

When freezing banana pudding, remember that the custard doesn't freeze properly and will separate when thawing. If you put wafers and cookies, they will absorb moisture and make the pudding less attractive.

How to Freeze Bread and Rice Pudding

Cut the rice pudding and bread pudding into small sizes before freezing. This allows it to freeze properly. Keeping these puddings in airtight containers or plastic wraps will prevent them from spoiling too soon. The less air contact your pudding is exposed to, the better.


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Making chocolate bread pudding ahead

How to Freeze Store-Bought Pudding

boxes of jell-o pudding, almond milk, cool whip, bananas, Nilla wafers and a whisker

Unlike homemade pudding, it's relatively easy to freeze store-bought pudding as you can use the container it came with. When frozen, the texture resembles that of ice cream. You don't even need to thaw it. You can enjoy it immediately after you remove it from the freezer.

The good thing with store-bought pudding is that it won't form a crusty skin on top just because you didn't cover it. However, it's still a good idea to cover it to prevent cross-contamination in the freezer.

How to Freeze Gelatin Pudding

Jelly pudding on a white plate

You can freeze gelatin pudding by turning it into popsicles. I'm sure many of us have already done this. Some people actually make gelatin pudding for the sole purpose of turning it into pudding popsicles.

Just like store-bought pudding, the gelatin will also acquire an ice cream texture once frozen. Mix the pudding with milk, pour it into Popsicle shapers, and store it in the freezer.

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How to Freeze Persimmon Pudding

Persimmon pudding in a glass dish

This is one of those puddings we don't recommend freezing. It doesn't mean you can't, but it tends to lose flavor when frozen. This type of pudding has persimmon and cinnamon. Both ingredients are sensitive to changes in temperature. Freezing and thawing will change the texture.

Still, if you have to freeze it, wrap it tightly in a plastic bag. It will last a couple of months. When you're ready to eat, defrost it in the fridge for 12 hours, then warm the slices in the microwave or let them sit at room temperature for a while.

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Can You Freeze Pudding Pie?

pudding pie chocolate

You can freeze the pudding pie as long as you wrap it well. The pudding will remain safe to eat even after a couple of months. Nonetheless, the texture and flavor will change when you thaw it.

Also, since the filling contains a lot of moisture, it will soften the pie crust, making it soggy. If you have an event coming up and want to prepare some food earlier, your pudding pie shouldn't be on the list. Freezing and thawing give it a distasteful look.

Can You Freeze Pudding Cake?

Pudding cake on a wooden board

Just like other types of pudding, you can freeze this delicacy. Because of how yummy this pudding can be, we understand why you would want to remain with an extra serving.

Pudding cake freezes really well because the texture and the taste don't change as much. Admittedly, the appearance won't be as breathtaking as when the pudding was fresh. But if you can get past that, you can freeze pudding cake and enjoy it later.

How Long Can You Freeze Pudding?

rice pudding frrozen

Frozen pudding will last up to 90 days and still be safe for consumption. Depending on the type of pudding you have prepared, ensure you have followed the right storage techniques. That means sealing the storage bags or containers properly.

But before getting too excited about that fact, understand that the longer your pudding stays in the freezer, the more it loses flavor and texture. Most people will allow their pudding to sit in the freezer for a month, but by the time they defrost it to eat it, they'll reconsider and throw it away.

Therefore, if you freeze your pudding, try to eat it as soon as possible to enjoy its taste, texture, and consistency.

What Is the Best Way to Thaw Pudding?

woman's hands sealing air tight plastic containers with chia pudding in it

There are certain types of pudding you have to defrost first before enjoying them. The best way to defrost them is to let them thaw in the fridge overnight or for 12 hours.

Letting it thaw at room temperature is also acceptable unless it's pre-made pudding like dessert pie. When you let such pudding thaw at room temperature, it's exposed to a lot of moisture. The pie crust will absorb that moisture, become soggy and lose its appeal.

How Do I Know My Pudding Is Inedible?

various chia puddings with fruits in glass cups

As we have discussed, puddings can stay in the freezer for up to 90 days. However, if you haven't stored it properly, cross-contamination in the fridge can cause it to spoil faster. Your senses are the best tools to tell if the pudding has gone bad.

It's pretty easy to detect spoiled pudding. If it has a sour smell, discard it. You might also see dark mold or bacterial marks. This indicates the pudding has gone bad, and you shouldn't eat it.

If you aren't getting anything from the smell or appearance, try tasting a small piece of the pudding. Spoilt pudding will have a bitter and unpleasant taste.

Will Pudding Harden in the Freezer?

woman putting pudding in the freezer

Pudding tends to harden when stored in the freezer. After all, it has moisture which turns to ice, giving the pudding a solid texture.


You can freeze both homemade and store-bought pudding. However, remember that the taste, flavor, and texture will likely change. Some puddings, especially those with cookies, pie crust, and fruits, don't thaw properly. You'll enjoy them while they are fresh.

Written by Ginger Cook