We think you’re asking how to decorate a dessert plate with a pattern of hearts made from chocolate sauce, which is simple. Put a row or ring of dots of chocolate sauce (each about the size of a dime) on your plate. A plastic squeeze bottle, a pastry bag fitted with a medium plain tip, or a spoon and steady hand are ideal for making the chocolate-sauce circles. Space them as evenly as you can, with about a half inch between them. Then take a toothpick or skewer and draw it through the middle of the first chocolate circle and on into the next circle. Draw the skewer through the middle of all the circles, and it will create a chain of hearts, indenting the top of each and drawing a pointy end at the bottom.

It looks even better if you fill the bottom of the plate with a sauce of a contrasting color (a white Crème Anglaise, for example), and squeeze your chocolate circles into that, or vice versa.

If this is not what you’re asking about, you’ll have to write again and set us straight.