Jan 01, 2022

Lassi (Rose-Flavored Yogurt Drink)

For a classic lassi, the quality of the yogurt is of prime importance. It should be slightly sour, so that when it is diluted it still retains a strong yogurt flavor. Also, it is essential that the yogurt be rich and creamy, or else the lassi will taste watery. Since American yogurt lacks the right creaminess, you will need to add a little cream to enrich it. Lassi is especially refreshing on a hot summer afternoon to accompany a Sunday brunch. It's also wonderful before an Indian breakfast or after a good game of tennis.



Put yogurt, cream, rose water, and sugar in the container of an electric blender, and blend for 1/2 minute or until the sugar is fully dissolved. Add ice cubes, and continue blending for another 1/2 minute or until the yogurt drink is frothy (the ice cubes will not disintegrate fully). Pour the drink, with the ice cubes, into 2 tall glasses, and serve.

Note: Lassi may be made ahead and kept refrigerated for 2 to 3 days. Just before serving, run it through the electric blender for a few seconds to froth it up. Do not add more ice cubes, as they will dilute the lassi.

Written by Top-Best.com