Us either. The only cut of meat we know that has the word Boston in it is the elegantly named Boston Butt, a cut from the rear of the pork shoulder. The equivalent part of a cow is the blade steak (actually, another name for Boston Butt is blade steak). There’s no real reason to think that just because a particular cut from one animal has a New England name, the same cut from another animal might, too. But we’re grasping at straws here.

In that any beef steak can be broiled, we’d take into account the preparation specified in the recipe. A good sirloin, rib-eye, blade, strip, skirt or round steak will probably hold you in good stead no matter what else the recipe says. If it tells you to slice the meat thinly on the diagonal after cooking, choose a flank steak. Since you’re on speaking terms with a butcher, tell him how the steak is to be seasoned, prepared, cooked and served and he’ll recommend a good cut the name of which he does know and which makes him a profit.