How are your mother-in-law’s computer skills? The Internet is a very rich resource for recipes and information on Armenian cooking. And indeed, it may prove to be the best repository for Armenian cooking information. In many cultures, recipes have been written and handed down from generation to generation. Armenians have a stronger oral tradition, so there is simply a lot less written information available.

But the Internet may be a good substitute for people without ready access to Armenian cooks. There appear to be two whole Armenian cookbooks online: Dining at Noah’s Table by Dr. Harold Baxter, and Adventures in Armenian Cooking, by the members of St. Gregory's Armenian Apostolic Church in Indian Orchard, Massachusetts.

There are also quite a number of other sites that provide Armenian recipes, among them: RecipeSource and Ohan Armenian’s World.

far as the non-electronic word goes, a new release of The Cuisine of Armenia (Canada, UK) by Sonia Uvezian came out recently. Previous versions and a few other out-of-print Armenian books are available through Alibris .