We know of no recipes for which you can substitute egg for beef. Making a general substitution in your diet, however is another matter.

Eggs are a great source of protein, vitamin A and riboflavin. They are low in calories (75 per large egg), low in fat (5 g, 2 of which are saturated), low in sodium (63 mg), and high in cholesterol (212 mg). The same amount of trimmed choice sirloin steak has more calories (101), less fat (4 g, 2 of which are saturated), less sodium (33 mg), and less cholesterol (45 mg).

Beef provides impressive amounts of vitamin B-12, iron and zinc (which are hard to come by elsewhere), and lesser amounts of other B vitamins. Beef provides no vitamin A. Neither provides any fiber or vitamin C. Other cuts of beef vary, of course, in their nutritional breakdown.