We have come across a few recipes online that blend a cream sauce with peas and prosciutto with pasta. But we haven't come across - either online or in our cookbook library - a classic dish such as you request. All of the recipes we have found serve the sauce over substantially larger pasta shapes, such as fettuccine ("little ribbons," about 1/4 inch wide), tortellini (stuffed "little twists"), orecchiette ("little ears") or farfalle ("butterflies," or bowtie-shaped). In traditional Italian cooking, the sauce you mention would probably be considered too heavy for the ultra-light angel hair pasta. In general, thicker sauces cling better to broader ribbons and other sturdier shapes.

Nonetheless, you might like to consider Orecchiette with Snow Peas and Prosciutto, which fulfills your ingredient list. A few alternatives are the Pasta Salad Alfredo, which omits the basil, Fettuccine with Prosciutto, Mushrooms, and Peas, with parsley instead of basil and the addition of mushrooms, and Hay and Straw, which adds spinach and sausage.

far as we're concerned, you can certainly substitute angel hair pasta for any of the shapes these rigid recipe writers specified.