Feb 22, 2019

Trout Seviche Livingston.

This dish, perhaps of Polynesian origin, is quite popular in Latin America as an appetizer or first course. Some people prefer seviche with lean white-fleshed fish, such as red snapper. Others prefer a fatty fish, such as Spanish mackerel. Small trout are halfway in between, and will please everybody.

Although seviche is usually served as an appetizer, I find it to be an excellent light lunch on a hot summer day, served with plenty of crackers or bread thins.



Wash the fillets, then place them in a deep nonmetallic bowl. Cover them with lime juice, stirring to coat well, and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. Mix all the other ingredients in a small bowl, then drain the juice off the fish. Then pour the sauce over the fillets, toss, and serve cold with crackers.

Written by Top-Best.com