Jan 05, 2022

Super Sesame Chicken Donburi

Chicken roasted until the skin is crackly and crispy, plus a heap of sesame – you can't beat that robust flavor. Juicy roasted peppers are a perfect complement. And don't forget to add the sauce from the pan. Extra oil is the secret to a delicious flavor.


For the Chicken:

Mixture A:


Remove fat from chicken and cut slits along the meat side about 2/5" (1 cm) apart. Gently poke holes in side with skin. Quarter green pepper lengthwise. Combine mixture A.

Add 1 Tbsp oil to a heated pan and lay chicken in pan, skin side down. Cover and cook until lightly browned. Turn over and cover again. Cook slowly.

When chicken is almost done, add green peppers and cook just until browned. Remove peppers.

Once chicken is thoroughly cooked, soak up excess liquid and oil with a paper towel. Turn skin side down. Add 1 Tbsp oil and cook on high heat until skin is crispy. Pour in mixture A and coat chicken. Remove and cut into bite-size pieces.

Serve rice in bowls and top with chicken and green peppers. Add juices from the pan.

Written by Top-Best.com