May 04, 2020

Scaloppe Milanese David.



Escalopes are slices from the fillet, or inside cut of the leg. Each should weigh approximately 3 oz. and should be cut on the bias, without seam or sinew. Otherwise they buckle during cooking. It is hard to get an English butcher to cut escalopes in the proper way, so that it is best to buy the meat in one piece and cut it oneself, but a sharp butcher's knife is essential for this operation. Should a cutlet bat not be among the kitchen utensils, an empty bottle is quite effective for flattening out escalopes. But envelop them in grease-proof paper before flattening them.

Coat the cutlets with beaten egg, which has been seasoned with salt and pepper, then with fine breadcrumbs, and fry iin a plentiful amount of very good clarified butter so that the outside is crisp and golden. The cutlets are garnixhed with halves of lemon and parsley.

Cold Milanese escalopes, drained of all fat on a piece of kitchen paper, make a first class picnic dish.

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