Apr 05, 2022

Nancy's Granny's Peach Ice Cream

I encountered this ice cream nearly thirty years ago at a party. I could taste that it was something special and sought out the person making it. We have been friends ever since. Nancy Ennis is an internationally exhibited artist and published author, and a fine recipe rescuer as well. Granny was Nancy's paternal grandmother, Mary Simms Foley, from East Texas.

Be sure to mash your fruit so that there are no large pieces left, or you will find frozen peach rocks in your ice cream. Nancy says that mangoes work very well in this recipe, too.



Peel and pit peaches. Cut into 1-inch pieces and put in a large bowl. Mash well and blend in sugar.

Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled.

Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Written by Top-Best.com