You mean you asked someone else - several someones - before you came to Ochef? We're crushed....

Of course you can steam corn on the cob - it just takes quite a bit longer than boiling or cooking it in the microwave. To steam corn, put a cup of water in a large pan with a steamer insert and get the water boiling. Husk the corn, remove the silks, place the corn in the steamer, and cover with a lid.

We realize that people like their corn done to different degrees. Some like it lightly warmed (and tend to use strong language to tell us what they think about our timing suggestions); some like it mushy. Therefore, we will tell you that steaming corn is likely to take about twice as long as boiling corn. If you would remove your corn from boiling water after three minutes, we suggest you leave it in the steamer for at least six.

Obviously you need a pretty big rig to steam anything more than a few short ears of corn, but perhaps a few short ears is all you have in mind.